Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Littlest Pet Shop Cake Pops

I love a good challenge so when a friend asked for the Littlest Pet Shop cake pops I thought game on! The first stage of this challenge was figuring out what the littlest pet shop is. You would think since I have toddler I would know about these things but I am out of the loop on this. Apparently its small plastic pet toys with big eyes. I have heard of them before but I never really took a good look until now.

They kind of made me think of the strawberry shortcake pets I had as a kid back in the 80's. Well Hasbro in a smart attempt to make some dough designed a collection of like a gazillion different animals. The littlest pet shop has more animals than I've seen in the Bronx Zoo or even the drive through Safari in West Palm Beach! So in order to not short circuit my brain with pet shop overload I narrowed it down (a lot!) and got to work. Although they did have the standard obvious household pets I really liked the color and design of the Peacock so it made the first draft.

Next I chose the Bunny. I'm partial to bunnies in case you haven't noticed from the rest of my blog posts!

The Swan. Ah fond memories of one of my favorite ill fated reality shows.

And last but not least, the Puppy.

Ready to be adopted and complete with rainbow cake pop pet carrier.


Tabi Lavigne

hello what did you use for the decorations like the ears and eyes? :)great job

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